February 19, 2014
Chancellor of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church appeals to the faithful concerning bloody clashes in Kiev
On the night of February 19, when a violent confrontation broke out in the centre of Kiev, the website of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church published a comment by Metropolitan Antony of Borispil and Brovary, chancellor of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. The comment reads:

“Since the very beginning of the political crisis and during the whole period of the confrontation, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church has repeatedly called for the end of violence and peaceful settlement of the conflict. Regrettably, the voice of the Church has not been heard. On February 18, the military confrontation on the streets of Kiev broke out again, blood was shed, and people were killed. At this very moment, we hear alarming news about new clashes in Independence Square.

In this hard time, we over and over again strongly condemn bloodshed and call upon all sides: Immediately stop the violence and recommence the dialogue!

Our country has been balancing on the edge of a national catastrophe for three months now. We all, including the authorities and the opposition, must realize that we are responsible before God for our actions. Regrettably, the danger of a civil war and economic collapse is becoming ever more real in Ukraine.

We call upon all sides of the confrontation: Brothers and sisters! Do not tear Ukraine apart!

We call upon all the faithful: let us pray to God, pleading Him to bring us to our senses and show us the way to reconciliation.”

Source: www.mospat.ru

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